Thursday, November 23, 2006


Finally my beautiful sofa has arrived, and I am sat with feet up relaxing in a most comforting manner, marvelling at how I ever survived a month without one. It is enormous, in fact if I lie down there is still room at the other end, which is a most satisfying discovery. I suspect that any number of lazy days will be spent, sprawled out in comfort, book in hand, tea or gin and tonic within reach and head resting against cushions. Utter bliss.

Yesterday evening Tom and I popped into the Library to see the highly amusing Jon Ronson. I now have a strong desire to incapacitate goats with the power of my stare, but suspect I would have as much luck as the US Army. Still, I can but practice!


Anonymous said...

Really annoyed now, I was desperate to go and see him because I love his column - and you're not even a Guardian reader! Working nights and having a small boy who needs to go to bed at 7pm sucks...

Love Katharine

p.s not annoyed really

Sophystar said...

I know I don't read the Grauniad, but I'm more than happy to practice my stare on you if you like! :)