Tuesday, January 09, 2007

five things

Having been tagged by Joh, and having spent quite a lot of time trying to find one interesting thing about myself, I’ve finally made it to five:

1. I’m still afraid of the dark. So much so that after a nightmare I may find it impossible to sleep without the light on. This happens less often these days, but I do still find myself compulsively checking behind me if I’m walking along in the dark.

2. I can’t swim. In fact I’m quite terrified of water. At school, at the tender age of around six, I went swimming. Unfortunately the shallow end was full so we had to wait in the deep end. I sank, and sank and began to get terrified that I’d never see the surface again. I grabbed hold of my PE teachers arm and, having seen the sheer terror on my face, he took me to the side of the pool and left me to shiver. Since then, swimming and I have not got on.

3. I worry that I have no dress-sense at all. I look at other people and, no matter how much attention I paid when getting dressed, I feel that somewhere along the line it’s gone a little awry and I’ve been left with no actual sense of style at all. This is why I wear jeans so often. They’re safe.

4. I love imagining that I live somewhere different, like in a cave, or underground. I’d love to live in a windmill, or water mill. I used to be fascinated by the cave in the Famous Five books and would spend hours imagining that I lived in something similar.

5. I cry far too easily. In fact I’ve been known to cry at mobile phone adverts (the ones for the Carphone Warehouse when the poor blighters get left behind). I’ve become quite good at hiding it, especially in cinemas, otherwise everyone would think me far too girly and emotional!

** As per Joh's instructions, I'm tagging: Ed, Glasnost, Kerry, Jeff, Aims. However, I don't think any of them (other than Ed) read this blog! **


Joh said...

Cheers for posting yours!

You tagging anyone else?

Sophystar said...

I would, but everyone I would tag has already been tagged. :( It's quite depressing! ;)

Joh said...

Nooo! Sorry. Just tag everyone else again? :P There's still Ed and the other people on your blogroll?

I don't think we need to expect people to actually respond...

Ah well. Fun that you could say you were at the end of this! :)

Jane said...

Looks like I may have been sadly mis-informed about the yak's milk :-(