Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I'm not a big fan of days with little work, (obviously this excludes holidays, weekends and all those other times when I can ligitimately fill my time with reading books, etc) being at work and being bored makes the day drag horribly.

I've planned all the work that the office has to do for the next six weeks, which leaves me feeling especially organised, and just a little sad. I mean, it's my job to be organised but six weeks seems excessive. I wonder if people will look at me strangely when I start telling them what they will be doing in January.

This completed, I went back to planning something nearer to home. After the success of last nights parsnip and blue cheese soup, I've been thinking about food and dinner specifically. Why is it that my brain, when faced with hours of emptiness, always ends up coming around to food?

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