Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This morning a lovely thing happened to me. I walked down the stairs, and there, just inside the door, was a letter from a very dear friend of mine. In this letter was a remark about how lovely going on jaunts into the countryside with me is. I would have to agree, jaunts into the countryside are great and this year I am planning plenty.

Unfortunately the current state of gloom doesn't really inspire me to do more than shut my front door, close the curtains and sit down with the bears and a cup of tea to watch the raindrops fall in comfort. I have decided that February is a ghastly month and the end of it can't come soon enough.

It isn't helped by the vast quantities of money I have to spend on car insurance, road tax and MOT which all fall within the next two weeks. Of course, I love my car and I won't do without it (see country jaunts above, very important for such things), but it costs a lot of money, especially when it's all at once. My bank balance is soon to look terribly sad and I shall worry over it, I expect, for some time to come. I am a worrier by nature and I don't feel that things are right in the world unless I'm worrying about something.

Still, I shall look on the bright side. Spring will soon be here and much of it I intend to spend knee deep in flower beds, strolling along through gardens, over the downs and picnicing on blankets. Though all on the cheap of course!

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