Monday, February 06, 2006

oh brother of mine

After spending Friday night with James, watching Casablanca and drinking wine, I had a glorious Saturday to enjoy. It started with a mad hunt for painkillers and a glass of water, which Saturday mornings are wont to do, and proceeded with scrambled eggs on toast and a stroll into town to get my hair cut. I was very brave, I sat in the chair, gazing into the mirror and sipping a large cup of tea whilst inches of my hair were snipped off. I'm very pleased with the somewhat shorter but cleaner cut. In fact I'd go so far as to say that I think my bob suits me well.

Once dried and styled, I skipped out into the street and met James for another cup of tea and a wander around town. The poor fellow was feeling a little tired and out of sorts, probably due to the late night the night before, and so I let him wander home whilst I popped off to join the Library. It seemed a very strangly ordered place, with none of the books I wanted being listed in alphabetical order. I didn't mind too much, and had a good sort through the shelves, eventually taking three books by Vita Sackville-West which I need to read and inwardly digest for my Garden Design course.

I trotted off home, had a bowl of soup and waited for my brother to arrive, before tripping off to town again to buy a present for Mum's birthday and to pick up little brothers new Gresham Blake suit. I am a big fan of pin-stripe, and a great fan of Gresham Blake. I have to try very hard not to run up huge bills and walk out in style.

After yet another trip home and back into town, we went out for Thai at Mai Pei Ped, discussed families, the mob, jobs, cars, and other interesting things, before a perfect trip to Bar Valentino for more delicious cocktails and silliness.

All in all, a fabulous time with that brother of mine.

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