Wednesday, April 12, 2006


At last a whole six days off, an hour left and then I can walk out of the office and drive home with the welcoming thought that I have no more early mornings, no more emails and no more meetings until next Wednesday. What joy!

Tomorrow I plan to go to breakfast at Bill's before dropping into the library to fill up on books to last me the weekend. I've also got my new king size goose feather duvet to collect, a heart warming thought, and once I have I shall go home and snuggle in it for a while.

I have no plans for Friday, and the thought of all that freedom makes the tips of my fingers tingle with anticipation. Depending on the weather, I may take the top down and drive off into the countryside with a picnic to enjoy the spring flowers. I may go up to London and visit the National Gallery and the Tate Britain, or I may curl up with my new duvet and devour a book.

On Saturday James and I are off to Knole. I'm looking forward to strolling through the deer park and putting names to places having read so much about the house recently.

Sunday is more work on the house, one more door to hang and other bits to do. I will also cook roast lamb and spend the evening supping on delicious soft pink flesh and roast potatoes.

As for Monday and Tuesday, that's just too far off. I don't want to make plans, I want to relax and enjoy the first break I've had since Christmas and what will probably be the last free time I shall have before I move. I want to wallow in the peace and quiet and immerse myself in books, to wander the Lanes in the day light hours and walk along the beach, staring out at the waves from the city I love. How I love holidays....

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A Novelist said...

Sounds perfect to me. Enjoy! :)