Thursday, April 27, 2006


It's going to be a lovely day, the sun is already pouring through my open office windows, the sky is a perfect blue and it's beautifully warm.

One of the things I love about working on campus is the proximity to nature. Surrounded by grass and trees, there is wildlife everywhere. As I walked into work today there were birds hopping through the hedges, heads tilted to the sun, on the lookout for breakfast. Squirrels running up trees or sitting bravely on the grass until you get too close. Outside the main door is a beautiful tree covered in fountains of white scented blossom, just beginning to fall in a carpet of softest snow. Leaves are unfurling around me in fresh new yellow-green.

It is a day that I am going to hate being stuck inside for. I long to pack up and stroll off into the countryside with a picnic and a book, not a care in the world and bask in the spring sunlight.


James said...

Yes, it was a lovely morning, and really felt like summer was coming. I was lucky to be out for part of it too. It's a shame it didn't stay so lovely.

Sophystar said...

Yes, such a shame about the dullness later on. I suspect I should not entertain a career as a weather girl - I was sure it was going to stay sunny and bright!