Thursday, May 04, 2006

hammock weather

It is definitely hammock weather. I sat outside on the grass during my lunch break, reading Ian Rankin and letting the ants climb my knees, but back in the office my head fills with thoughts of hammock lounging.

I've long been of the opinion that hammocks in the office would make a happier workforce. Obviously in weather like this we would de-camp to the sunnied outside, but during cooler days I would definitely appreciate a hammock over a swivel chair. Of course, it would make typing that bit more difficult, but I've thought about that too. I could have a secretary. She/he could type for me as I lie there, sipping tea and feeling full of self-importance.

This sort of train of thought always carries me away, and I start to think of "Butlers I would want...". I often wondered if a certain friend of mine would make a good butler, but have decided that although his scrambled egg making abilities are great, I don't think he'd offer the kind of Jeeves-like plans I would need to get me out of the Wooster-like scrapes I would undoubtedly feel I ought to get into.

You see, this hammock weather does indeed lead a girl to think but not, I fear, of work.

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