Tuesday, May 02, 2006

weekend gone

Despite the somewhat gloomy weather I managed to fill my bank holiday weekend with a combination of further work on the house, visiting family and catching up with friends.

James introduced me to coddled eggs on Friday night, whilst we sat drinking wine and laughing raucously at "The 40 Year Old Virgin". It's good to have a belly-aching laugh, with tears streaming down your face every once in a while.

Mum and I have started to work on the hallway downstairs, and after a quick trip to B&Q, where the trolleys have minds of their own and compost is hard to find in small bags, we returned home with the usual array of powertools to keep us happy. I learnt more about "No More Nails" than I feel I ought to know, but am duly impressed by its sticking power.

Sunday was a day of adventures in Queen's Park. James and I stopped off at the Walmer Castle for lunch before heading out to meet others for the May Day Festival. There was a may pole, fresh faced young green-clad dancers ready with their red and white ribbons, and many garlands adorned heads. The weather, however, let us down and we all headed back as the sun went in and dark clouds loomed.

Yesterday my brother drove us up to Kent to visit family. Once we'd hit the M25 the weather started to turn to one of those lovely blossom filled, sunny spring days. We stuffed ourselves with deliciously pink roast beef, drank of pink bubbly and red wine, and walked the dogs through fields of crops, green leaves just starting to rise from the soil. I was driven home along sun dappled country lanes at great speed, listening to The Police and dreaming of what lay behind the cottage curtains. As we came close to home the evening sunlight flickered from windows like camera flashes, dazzling and promising hot summer days to come.

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A Novelist said...

Your weekend sounded very nice and relaxing! Summer is right around the corner! :)