Sunday, October 30, 2005


Friday was a good day. I had a calm day at work, followed by a massage which made my back feel like I'd never used a mouse or keyboard before, and then Pete and I had a delicious steak at Browns before watching the Corpse Bride. It was a good film, the undead characters were, ironically, fantastically alive and the animation was beautiful. I was surprised to see that they've opened a bar at the Odeon, which was unsurprisingly empty as it lacked any atmosphere at all. Unfortunately you arn't allowed to take your alcoholic drinks out of the bar, which seemed a bit unfair especially as fizzy drinks must make just as much mess if spilt. It looks like the Duke of York's is still the only cinema where you can enjoy a pint whilst you watch a film.

We finished off the evening with delicious cocktails at Valentino's. I do love that bar, the staff are friendly and reassuringly careful about keeping up the relaxed atmosphere. One group were removed quietly for taking certain substances in the toilets, I suspect all three of them going in at once was ever so slightly suspicious! It's a small place but the atmosphere is great, so it's always a pleasure to sit there and its nice that it has a later license, so you don't feel you have to leave early or go out clubbing or onto a louder bar.

All in all, it was a lovely evening, so Pete and I decided we'd have to do it again next month.

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